Welcome to the website of the Vietnamese Alliance Church of Greater Los Angeles!

In the wondrous grace of the Trinity God, His people at Greater Los Angeles have been travelling out of the barren desert of spiritual dryness to enter the Elim of twelve wells of water and seventy palm trees. The days under the scorching sun are in the past, and God’s people are now enjoying the blessings of His love and fellowship among themselves. Memories of past failures are now bygones and the experiences of the newness of God’s faithfulness and blessings have flourished.

Through this website, our readers shall walk together with us on the spiritual road from Highland Park to Glendale during the 1980’s and the 1990’s, proceeding to Los Angeles in the 2000’s, and then all shall meet together at Greater Los Angeles today. You will witness the enthusiastic evolvement of the young people as well as the older members for the future of the church through the youth and children ministries to meet the spiritual and cultural needs of the English-speaking second generation.

The leadership and all members of the Vietnamese Alliance Church of Greater Los Angeles have learned to continually focus their eyes on the greatness, the unlimited power, and the sovereignty of their God, while at the same time, have an awareness of their shortcomings and weaknesses. Therefore, they all fearfully submit themselves to God’s will in unity and mutual love.

We all members of God’s community of faith at Greater Los Angeles will forever keep deep in our hearts the memories of His faithfulness and His mercy throughout our years of journeying in the faith until the return of our Lord Jesus Christ.

We sincerely hope that you will enjoy together with us the blessings that the Lord has bestowed upon His people at Greater Los Angeles here and now through this website!